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Barry Kirk

40+ years experience working

and involved in many large international IT modernisation and migration projects, supporting and selling strategic solutions to many IT organisations within banking, insurance, retail, oil and gas, etc. 

As a solution architect, I have gained many years of experience analysing, planning and managing successful IT projects in the Nordic region. 

In recent years I have been working with the analysis, planning, development and maintenance of responsive mobile/cloud applications using existing legacy screens and data as a basis for rapid deployment.

John Oxford

35+ years in IT Software sales and marketing.

Starting in 1969 with GEC UK in their Fellowship programme, moved through various management positions in Projects, Quality Control Lamps & Lighting, Sales & Marketing. In 1980 moved to Norway to take over Management position in Osram GEC Norway (2 year contract). 

In 1983 started with Metier Nordic in Sales and Marketing of Computer based Project Management system Artemis. 

In 1987 joined Compuware Nordic in Sales. 

From 1991 to 1993 worked with WM-data Nordic in IT Consulting and Services. In 1993 began working with Micro Focus. 

Worked in Various management positions at Micro Focus until 2015.

Scala4 – Organisation 2021

Management Team

Technical Director – Barry Kirk

Managing  Director – John Oxford

Sales Director – Ian Whitefield

Operations Director – Caroline Oxford

Business Development Team

Finlay Whitefield – Projects and Sales Support

Rodrigo Churio . Sales and Marketing

Andre Rodrigues – Consulting

Heirloom  – Software & Services Suppliers

Cleverti – Consulting resources


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