The Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP) is a device agnostic and internet based operating system (OS).

FriendUP was built around the idea of connectivity without compromise. It is an OS in a web browser, which currently uses HTML5 and Javascript as its primary construction kit. Information or applications on FriendUP can be accessed by any device via a stable internet connection. That is without loss in fidelity or at the expense of user interaction / user experience.

The core team at Friend Software Labs is committed to delivering a roadmap for development that is sustainable. It is designed to evolve and adapt with information and communication technologies.

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FriendUp is designed to be a complete OS and support developers wanting to build on it as a platform. 

FriendUP employs a blockchain based database structure to make it secure by design. 

Individuals or online communities using FriendUP are Web 4.0 enabled. 

The platform is open source and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. 

FriendUP was developed with decentralised flows of information in mind.

Our experience with Friend

We at Scala4 have been making full use of FriendOS to help in our day-to-day operation.

FriendChat and Friend Conference are reliable tools for communication within the company and with clients.

We have been using the highly functional collaborative workspace drives to share any kind of documents with each other.

Friend’s OnlyOffice feature makes it possible to create spreadsheets, presentations and text documents within the secure Friend workspace ready to be shared with others whether it be within the Friend workspace or easily downloaded onto the user’s device.