Application Assessment

How does our assessment work?

Scala4 provide a product and services solution that can help you understand the core fundamentals of your IT environment and core business functions. We help you to identify and realise additional opportunities to reduce operating costs, such as purchasing spending, indirect labour costs and system support costs.

Our Application Assessment service also helps you identify areas for the reduction of working capital requirements such as cash and inventory. It can also focus your improvements on customer service by finding opportunities to reduce cycle times and increase service levels.

An Enterprise Applications Assessment can be the basis of a strategy that is designed to increase your company’s operational effectiveness.

Solution Features

Application Assessment Action Plan

The process begins with the completion of a self-assessment survey designed to measure the level of success of your IT application portfolio implementation against best practices. The next step is a series of proven, structured workshops to optimise business input and identify comprehensive business process opportunities that potentially can contribute to increased benefits. Such opportunities could include:

  • Improvement of business processes
  • Tighter system alignment to business
  • Identification of Cloud possibilities
  • Identification of functionality modules that can be reused
  • Replacement of non-standard components
  • Fine-tuning the application setup.