Application Testing

Scala4 Testing Solutions

1. Test-as-a-Service

2. Browser Compatibility Test

3. Outsource Development and/or Testing

4. Performance Test

5. Smartphone Application Testing

6. Implementation of Test Tools

7. Automated GUI Regression Testing

8. Automated Build, Deploy and Development

9. Structured Preparation of Test Cases

1. Test-as-a-Service

Our service-oriented approach means that our customers get maximum flexibility in terms of skills, resources and costs.

We take responsibility for solving large and small test tasks – from planning task for execution, reporting and follow-up. This is always in close cooperation with the customer and based on the project’s current terms. It may be tests that require special and highly specialised skills, such as test automation, performance, browser compatibility, mobile and usability testing.

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In certain situations, there may be a need for professional testers to assist the business, by establishing requirements, execution of user testing or assist the testing process to write and review test cases. We are able to provide these functions, when your organisation just does not have the necessary time, resources or skills to do this in themselves.

We can help clients with services at both a tactical and strategic level by the implementation of a Proof of Concept, combined with advice and coaching in connection with the acquisition and implementation of test tools, review of test strategies, plans and tender documents.

2. Browser Compatibility Test​

Leave your browser compatibility test to Scala4 and we will ensure that your site is tested in different browsers and platforms. We will test web site features, design and accessibility on different browsers such a Edge, Chrome, Safari, among others.

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Web page code is interpreted differently on different browsers. which can adversely affect your user’s experience – both with regard to aesthetics and functionality. Browser compatibility testing ensures that the developed solutions and functions perform and operate as expected in all browser configurations.

  • Minimise errors due to disparate interpretation browser behavior.
  • Release resources for the test that require business knowledge.
  • Professional execution and error reporting.
  • Reducing the cost of test configurations.
  • Possibility of frequent and rapid regression of functionality.
  • Higher quality in the development and management processes.

3. Outsource Development and/or Testing​

We can provide an outsourced solution, allowing companies to save the cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive software, making it possible for development teams to focus on their core competencies – developing applications.

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As an on-demand Software-as-a-Service solution, Scala4 helps accelerate the secure application development life cycle by delivering security testing when needed. And as a cloud-based platform that combines binary static analysis, dynamic analysis and manual testing techniques, Scala4 delivers faster results, more accurate application analysis and an easy solution to the dilemma of testing third-party code for flaws, since no proprietary source code needs to be reviewed. As a highly efficient and effective resource, Scala4 represents a significant new direction in application security assessment.

4. Performance Test​

Performance testing of your software, based upon your KPI’s. We are able to do everything from analysis to reporting and performance optimisation initiatives for the solution.

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Measurement of response times, throughput and bottle necks in application, middleware, network architecture, database, firewall, etc. The measurement provides information about whether a system can support the expected number of users in the expected usage pattern, and the maximum load (concurrent users / actions) that the system can handle.

Performance, load and stress testing, enable you to plan optimisation initiatives, thereby being ready for production implementation.

  • Specialist competence for the specific task to be executed.
  • Identifying and documenting system performance risk.
  • Identify bottle necks.
  • Effective creation and execution of repeatable performance tests.
  • Reduction in the need for error analysis.

5. Smartphone Application Testing​

Smartphones and apps have become a natural part of our everyday lives This means that testing and quality assurance has been given an extra dimension, which needs to be dealt with when testing new or new version of your applications.

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In this light, we have developed a concept that addresses some of the issues that we have identified when performing mobile tests for our customers. To have control over mobile solutions can be complex – it Is not only necessary to test the functionality of the app, but in addition ensure that changes in our own backend systems, mobile manufacturers new OS versions and physical entities do not adversely affect our solutions.

We have the expertise, the experience, the tools and the employees who can navigate through these murky, troubled waters.

We can offer a range of quality assurance services and solutions in this area.

6. Implementation of Test Tools​

Get help with implementation of testing tools in your organisation. Whether it’s open source testing tools or commercial solutions, we will help You with the implementation of the test tool.

7. Automated GUI Regression Testing​

Let us setup an automated GUI regression test and guarantee that changes in software do not introduce new errors.

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Establishment of process, tools and competence for automatic GUI regression testing.

Function Tests = system testing, system integration testing and procedure test = ready for production.

  • Faster test throughput.
  • Remove the requirement for manual testing resources.
  • Minimise system regression.
  • More frequent regression testing.
  • Higher quality in the development and management process.

8. Automated Build, Deploy and Development​

Get help with automated build, deploy and develop the test, so you can provide faster code with higher quality.

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Establishment of the process, tools and competence for a fully automatic build, deploy and development test.

Developer Tests = unit testing, module testing, installation testing, smoke testing = Release ready for system testing in the test department.

  • Higher quality code.
  • Elimination of manual errors in the deploy process.
  • Faster release cycle.
  • Separation of error correction and new development.
  • Stable code and basis for automation of system and business flow testing.

9. Structured Preparation of Test Cases​

We can provide professional testers to design your test for a structured approach to your software testing.

Analysis, design and documentation of test cases based on the customer base.

System Test Cases, system integration test cases, end-to-end, acceptance testing test cases = ready for test execution.