Friend Online Computers

The Friend Workspace, a fully featured desktop environment that you can access with a browser

A Workspace that never sleeps

Friend gives you an Always Online Computer that you can access on any device. It removes the need for specific hardware. Borrow a computer from a friend, a family member – or use a public computer in a library or at a café. You will discover the freedom of never having to install anything.

Today – we move around, and we work remotely. It can be frustrating to always have to worry about viruses and updates. And it can be challenging to gain access to your files and apps when you switch devices. Friend allows you to roam free, and your Online Computer is always available wherever you are, whenever you need.

The Collaborative Friend Workspace

The Friend Workspace is the desktop and mobile environment of the Friend OS. It adapts to your device – whether it is a desktop computer, a tablet or a smart phone. It is highly collaborative – with a built-in chat, and an audio and video conferencing solution that’s just a click away.

The Friend Workspace allows you to share files and collaboratively edit office documents. And if you’re away from the office – it will kindly send you push notifications when you have an important message.


Friend Expands on What You Already Have

With the Friend Workspace sitting in an extra browser tab on your computer – or beside you on your smartphone or tablet – you have got some powerful features to help you in your day.

Friend is secure – and private – and it does not give away your data. Your data belongs to you. You can trust Friend.

Your Friend Online Computer gives you a lot of great tools to choose from. Like Video Conferencing. Chat. Email. Cloud storage. Even entertainment. And it does it without surpressing any of the apps and services you subscribe to today.