Scala4 provide a product and services solution that can help you understand the core fundamentals of your IT environment and core business functions. We help you to identify and realize additional opportunities to reduce operating costs, such as purchasing spending, indirect labour costs and system support costs.

Our Application Health Check service also helps you identify areas for the reduction of working capital requirements such as cash and inventory. It can also focus your improvements on customer service by finding opportunities to reduce cycle times and increase service levels.

An Enterprise Applications Health check can be the basis of a strategy that is designed to increase your companyu2019s operational effectiveness.

Solution Features

Application Code Analysis

Code Analysis Is an important part of securing your enterprise? By identifying vulnerability in software before it is deployed or purchased, Web application testing tools help ward off threats and the negative impact they can have on competitiveness and profits. But not all application analysis and security application testing tools are the same. Many solutions can be a drain on productivity and profits, as they may be expensive to purchase, cumbersome to maintain, and time-consuming to execute within the application development security lifecycle. Inaccurate solutions can produce false positives that prevent developers from solving the most pressing problems in a timely basis. That’s why Scala4 uses a highly efficient cloud-based product and service for application security testing.

Increased application development

Scala4 is dedicated to making it easier for organizations to find and fix security flaws in software and to prevent the damage that unforeseen vulnerabilities can cause to a business. Scala4 enables comprehensive application analysis throughout the enterprise, including internally developed software and third-party libraries – developers can test and rate potential purchases, find flaws in the applications developed and used with partners, and even evaluate code that may be acquired in a potential merger. Remediation reports help prioritize flaws and fixes by taking business objectives and risk levels into account, helping to optimize the money spent on software assurance.

Outsourced development

We can provide an outsourced solution, allowing companies to save the cost of purchasing and maintaining expensive software, making it possible for development teams to focus on their core competencies – developing applications. As an on-demand Software-as-a-Service solution, Scala4 helps accelerate the secure application development life cycle by delivering security testing when needed. And as a cloud-based platform that combines binary static analysis, dynamic analysis and manual testing techniques, Scala4 delivers faster results, more accurate application analysis and an easy solution to the dilemma of testing third-party code for flaws, since no proprietary source code needs to be reviewed. As a highly efficient and effective resource, Scala4 represents a significant new direction in application security assessment.

Application Health Check Action Plan

The process begins with the completion of a self-assessment survey designed to measure the level of success of your IT application portfolio implementation against best practices. The next step is a series of proven, structured workshops to optimize business input and identify comprehensive business process opportunities that potentially can contribute to increased benefits. Such opportunities could include:

  • Improvement of business processes
  • Tighter system alignment to business
  • Identification of Cloud possibilities
  • Identification of functionality modules that can be reused
  • Replacement of non-standard components
  • Fine-tuning the application setup.