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Release – Friend OS Hydrogen

We’re proud to announce the immediate release of “Hydrogen” – the new stable Long Term Support (LTS) release of Friend OS.

Download Friend OS Hydrogen LTS Source

Docker Image

Have a look at Friend OS Hydrogen in action.

Friend OS Hydrogen is the result of heavy development since March 2020. It is the first named release – following our new naming scheme where each major version of Friend OS will pick an atom from the periodic table. Hydrogen has seen lots of bug fixes – but more importantly – the addition of incredible features that makes it more powerful than ever before. Please take a look at some of the feature improvements below:

Share any file with anyone

In Hydrogen, every user now has a Shared drive. This drive has the overview over every file that you share and every file others are sharing with you. To share a file, simply drag & drop the file to your share drive, and find the group or user you want to share with. It’s all done in just a few clicks.

The Friend Workspace has been upgraded

The Friend file manager and desktop environment has gotten major fixes and improvements. Redrawing of desktop elements and icons are faster, and you can now organize your Workspace in labelled virtual desktops. Window snapping has been improved, and now works with the dock placed on either side of the screen. Tutorials have been added such that new users can get tips and information on the basic operation of the system. Additionally, the Friend User Guide is available together with other resources in the Help system menu.

Friend Core has been upgraded for speed and reliability

The Friend server, Friend Core, got its network engine rewritten – the largest rewrite in Friend Core for three years. This has made it faster and more robust. Its web socket code is blazing fast, and will make you forget you’re accessing a system that’s online and not installed on your local computer.

Friend Chat scales using encrypted p2p streams

For a long while, Friend Chat has offered users peer-to-peer driven video and audio conferences. But tiled video streams quickly become a problem for your GPU and CPU once many participants join. In order to improve this, we have introduced a “follow speaker” mode – where only one video stream is showing at any moment. Only the one speaking is showing in full quality, while the other participants show as video thumbnails.

Friend Office is faster, better collaborative editing

With the rewrite of our networking engine, our shared drives and even optimizations in handling Friend server modules, Friend Office is operating faster than ever. This gives you more robust collaborative editing, and has improved on handling network and wifi connection errors that may occur during editing.

Play your favorite music with Friend Jukebox

The Friend Jukebox has gotten a lot of improvements, both to the user interface as well as in daily operation. You can now drag & drop entire folder structures full of music, and you can save the playlist to disk. Playlists can be activated by simply double-clicking in your Friend file manager.

And much more!

The Friend User Interface was updated with many fixes and feature enhancements – like screen edge snapping, faster repainting file windows, desktop notifications, and a new task window.
Friend Notes got more polish, and many bugs were squashed – making it better on both desktop and mobile.

Push Notifications were rewritten – and now is better supported on our Android and iOS apps. You may go to the Google Play or Apple store and update / install your apps.

Friend Core also got past its 2GB file upload limit! Now you can migrate large archives to Friend.

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