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The Friend Platform offers a lot of software that is already integrated with the Friend Workspace. Here is a selection of the currently supported software that you can get in your instance.

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When working online, communication is key. Friend Chat offers you a fully featured and highly capable chat and conferencing system that integrates in your Friend Workspace.

  • Instant messaging

  • Conference groups

  • Audio and video conferencing, peer-2-peer

  • Streaming “classroom” mode

  • Stream recording

  • See only speaker mode

  • Screen sharing

  • Push notifications (on mobile)


When working in sales-driven organizations, a Customer Relations Management (CRM) tool is essential. YetiForce is a powerful application offering features to organize and drive even large sales organizations. As an integrated tool in the Friend Workspace, Yeti is further enhanced with Friend features that make using it even easier.

  • Friend password management (auto-login)

  • Campaign management

  • Ticketing system

  • Knowledgebase

  • Document management

  • Instant messaging between sales-staff and organizers

  • Commenting

  • Dynamic data fields

  • Notifications

  • E-mail access

  • E-mail tracking

  • And much more!

  • Multiple conference rooms

  • Password protection

  • Moderator roles

  • Secure domains for role enforcement


Right now, millions of people are collaborating online, hosting and participating in meetings and accessing virtual class rooms. Friend Conference (powered by Jitsi) offers users a powerful video conferencing system built for the digital age.

  • Mute participants

  • Raise hand to talk

  • Instant chat

  • Conference video recording

  • VoIP integration

  • White-label options

  • Video conference dashboard for administrators

  • Separate mobile apps for iOS and Android


If you need to get productive, Friend Office allows you to work on spreadsheets, presentations and documents in much the same way as you would using Microsoft Office or Google Docs. Using Friend Office, you gain access to a powerful collaborative office suite that has all the bells and whistles you would come to expect from mature office applications.

  • Office documents using .odt, .rtf, .doc and .docx file formats

  • Spreadsheets using .xls, .xlsx file formats

  • Presentations (“Powerpoints”) using .ppt and .pptx file formats

  • Track changes

  • Collaborative editing, comments

  • Document sharing

  • Footnotes

  • Full paginated printing support


In a hectic work-day, having access to music is a life-saver. Friend Jukebox allows Friend users to organize their music in playlists. The Jukebox supports common web-formats like .mp3 or .ogg (Vorbis).

  • Music folders sharable between users

  • Playlist management

  • Visual equalizer

  • ID3 Tag support


If you ever tried Photoshop, you will instantly recognize Photopea. Matching the feature-set as well as operating on the file formats from Photoshop, it gives designers and graphicians the perfect tool available right in the Friend Workspace.

  • Layers and layer groups

  • Non-destructive layer effects

  • Image filters

  • Full toolbox of editing tools like brushes, selections and masks

  • Supports Sketch and PSD documents

  • Exports to standard web image formats


In the daily grind, having the ability to add notes is a very effective way to keep track of ongoing activity. Friend Notes is a fully integrated note-taking application for Friend. Notes are stored for easy access in your Home: folder in the Friend Workspace and can be categorized by topic.

  • Rich text editing with supports for images and image captions

  • Categorizable notes archive

  • Automatic filename generation based on note content

  • Workspace desktop integration for easy access in your work-flow


Developers can build their own applications right inside of their Friend Workspace. Friend Create is a fully Integrated Development Environment for Friend that allows for the creation of any app using web technologies or the Friend OS APIs.

  • Tab-interface

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Code completions

  • Code hints

  • Minimap

  • Project management

  • Friend package generation

  • File management

  • Integrated Run/stop application


Friend comes complete with support for e-mail and calendar functionality to bring your entire office online.

  • Choose between OWA, Roundcube or Nextcloud

  • Put your e-mail and calendar side-by-side

  • No vendor lock-in


Sometimes, web applications do not cover all the functionality you need when working online. Friend Liberator is your conduit to Legacy and Native software built for Windows, Linux or Mac. Using the Liberator, you can access all of your Windows, Mac or Linux software in your Friend Workspace.

  • Supports RDP, VNC, Telnet, SSH and XPRA protocols

  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux applications

  • Powerful user management

  • Added security – no Application Server is exposed to the Internet

  • Very fast performance by smart caching

  • Shared file access between Friend, Windows, Linux and Mac applications

  • Integration with ADFS / SAML

  • Mobile/touch access and soft-keyboard


Friend’s alternative to Facebook for businesses and organizations. Build your own data repository at the same time as you increase your organization’s ability to collaborate in teams, across groups.

  • Chat with encryption

  • Wall posts

  • Groups and subgroups

  • Calendar management

  • Media libraries

  • Social media features


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