Introducing Friend Chat: Video Chat Without Limits

Introducing Friend Chat: Video Chat Without Limits

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Introducing Friend Chat.

Right now, millions of people are collaborating online, hosting and participating in meetings and accessing virtual class rooms. 

Whether you are working as a fully remote team, or just want a simple to use and secure video conference solution, Friend Chat gives you a powerful video conferencing system built for the digital age.

Olenko's Kitchen

Vegan and raw food inspired brand Olenko’s Kitchen is using our Friend Chat conferencing software for their live video streams.

After trying many alternatives, New York based cinematographer Bill Winters and author Aleksandra Winters found that Friend Chat fit their needs perfectly.


Existing video conference solutions have many limitations – a restricted amount of meeting participants, lack of security and even time limits placed on your conferences.

Friend Chat gives you a high quality video conference solution that does more than just show your face to the world.

From a quick chat with a co-worker, to a company-wide presentation, you just send a simple shareable link to your team’s calendars, and with a single click they are in the meeting, no sign ups, so no software installation is needed – it runs entirely in the web browser.

Friend Chat offers more than just simple video calls, turn your meetings into interactive workshops and collaborate with your team, giving you features such as screen sharing, a “classroom” mode, conference video recording, moderator roles and instant chat, whilst reliably handling video calls for small and large groups.

Work in real-time with your colleagues or classmates on documents, presentations and spreadsheets at the same time as a live video, audio or text chat, with annotations, live comments and edit history.

Friend Chat ties into the power of Friend OS, giving you collaborative editing of documents on any device using the neatly connected Friend Office suite.


  • Instant messaging
  • Conference groups
  • Audio and video conferencing, peer-2-peer
  • Streaming “classroom” mode
  • Conference video recording
  • See only speaker mode
  • Screen sharing
  • Push notifications (on mobile)
  • Multiple conference rooms
  • Password protection
  • Moderator roles
  • Secure domains for role enforcement
  • Mute participants
  • Raise hand to talk
  • VoIP integration
  • White-label options
  • Video conference dashboard for administrators
  • Separate mobile apps for iOS and Android


Friend provides you with a fully MS-office compatible productivity suite that gives you complete freedom to choose where your data is processed and where it is stored. Our Document, Presentation and Spreadsheet apps run on any device while letting you choose where you want to store your documents.

Friend comes with a flexible suite of file systems that lets you store data both on-premise and using your preferred storage provider. Easy user and storage administration make your everyday life easier while keeping your documents safely under your control.


Power up an online computer with Friend OS.  You will have access to Friend Chat, and you can work collaboratively in teams and access all of your applications and files directly from your web browser or mobile device.  

To get your FREE demo account, please fill in your details below and we will send your login details. 

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