Friend OS Hydrogen: Shaping The Future

Friend OS Hydrogen: Shaping The Future

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Development pushes forward on Friend OS Hydrogen, it’s a very exciting time for Friend and we’re pleased to share our latest news and updates with you.
Message from the CEO – Hogne Titlestad
The Friend OS is rapidly coalescing into specific verticals where it can do a great deal of good. As the world’s productivity and management software is becoming fully digitalized, new requirements appear for operating systems – and Friend OS can meet the challenges.
Friend OS is a network based Meta Operating System – a technology that can be used implementing a graphical user interface delivered through a browser, with a back-end that behaves like an operating system. This operating system connects resources and end-user software together in a seamless user experience that can be accessed anywhere. Additionally, it can be customized and prepped for any security requirements.
Right now, Friend is being tuned to fully address the needs in sectors such as; medical, governments, remote working and secure video conferencing. To fully represent this, we will modify our website to highlight these focus areas.
In the future, hardware devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets will become irrelevant as software platforms. This is already started to happen. Case in point; Facebook’s Infinity Office and Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. When applications become multi-platform and online, the hardware device is simply an access-interface, nothing more.
Friend OS is geared to be the independent operating system and user interface for users who want not only to be independent from hardware platforms, but from software service vendors as well. This gives the user an unprecedented level of choice; pick your own infrastructure, software packages, online services and storage provider and build your ideal workflow.
As Friend OS Hydrogen² nears completion, we can see a feature rich opportunity for those who work online. Support for USB devices and smartcards. High performance networking. Secure 2FA video conferencing and chat. And all the applications you would need to run your business or home office.
With the latest barrage of news from Big Tech players – users who seek an independent and free platform to work online can look to Friend OS. In order to make this point clear to everyone, we will work hard toward making this platform easy to access for all new users.
Developer Update 
At Friend, we have further developed the popular projects FreeRDP and Guacamole to become Friend RDS – our RDP client for Friend servers. This enabled tight integration between Windows and Windows applications with the Friend Workspace. Friend RDS will be available to developers using Friend OS Hydrogen². It enables more features available in FreeRDP accessible through your webbrowser.
Friend RDS is administered using Friend’s new System app. The System app is the only app you need to configure your Friend Server.
Community Update
Soon, our automated online registration for our FriendSky cloud service will be launched. This will make digital onboarding much easier for new and eager users. FriendSky will now also be improved with better support and user follow-up, ensuring a better user experience.
Friend Chat has also seen an update that will be available on FriendSky from next week. This version gives users a consistent user experience between their devices. Additionally, it starts faster, and all chat windows open quicker – improving usability overall.
We hope both new and existing users will reap the benefit of our new features and better contact with our support staff.
Due to Covid-19, we have not scheduled any live events. We are planning a webinar, and will announce this when possible.
Until then, have a great weekend!
Stay in touch with us on Twitter, Discord and Facebook.
Hogne Titlestad – Friend CEO


If you would like a free demo account on our Friend Sky server, please click here and we will send your login details to you.
You can also download the Friend OS Hydrogen source code and Docker image by clicking here.
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