Friend OS Hydrogen: The Next Steps

Friend OS Hydrogen: The Next Steps

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Friend Update – Week Ending August 9th 2020


With the release of Friend OS Hydrogen, our team has been working hard behind the scenes to improve the platform, make it more usable and we have some exciting plans for the next release.    

Message from the CEO – Hogne Titlestad

We feel very excited about where we’re going with Friend OS. With this latest Hydrogen branch, Friend is becoming faster, more secure, has more stability and is really becoming a unique Workspace that can totally transform how we work online. And in these times, it is becoming ever more relevant in the marketplace.

Lately, we have upgraded our entire website, and we feel it is much better at communicating where we are and what we do. In the coming weeks and months we will improve our outreach and service to customers, developers and tech users to make it easier to obtain and use our software.

In the last week, we’ve been very busy working on a new USB technology for integrating various equipment with Friend with as little software installation as possible on the client side. We’ve developed a USB applet that can enable the use of USB peripherals in Windows and Linux applications that’s running in the Workspace using redirection. We will unveil more about this technology as we get closer to completion. This will allow for many new use cases with Friend and make it even more useful in digitalization projects.

Friend is a forward leaning company with a strong vision of the future – based on openness, transparency and software freedom. The more obstacles we can remove that prevent users from using Friend OS, the more companies, organizations and individuals can get free from the dependency on Big Tech solutions and start getting the flexibility of staying independent when they develop and use cloud solutions.

Developer Update 

It’s been a busy week finalizing Friend OS Hydrogen² – the first patch to our LTS version of Friend. We’ve been carrying out heavy load testing and this version is about ten times faster than the previous version. This should make the user experience highly enjoyable for the users. It also means that the Friend Workspace can carry out operations faster – making all apps behave more responsively.

After we have carried out proper testing, we should be ready to release the update next week.


Sadly with the ongoing Covid situation, we are unable to attend any in-person events at the moment, but we will be hosting a Webinar in the next couple of weeks.  This is designed to give you a full introduction to Friend OS Hydrogen, and see some of its best and most powerful features.  If you’ve ever wondered what YOU could use Friend OS for, please take the time to join us for the Webinar.  More information coming soon. 

Until then, have a great weekend! 

Stay in touch with us on Twitter, Discord and Facebook.


If you would like a free demo account on our Friend Sky server, please click here and we will send your login details to you.

You can also download the Friend OS Hydrogen source code and Docker image by clicking here.

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