Friend Weekly Update – 9th August 2020

Friend Weekly Update – 9th August 2020

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Friend Update – Week Ending August 9th 2020

Hello Friend community!    It’s been a busy week as the team has been hard at work improving Friend OS Hydrogen. We’ve got several exciting developments and updates that we would like to share with you.
Message from the COO – Hogne Titlestad

The world is still getting to grips with Covid – and disruptions are happening everywhere. It is a very interesting time for sure – the future is being rewritten, and it is hard to fully comprehend where we will end up. But the world is changing. It is becoming more digital – but players are consolidating and new players are popping up.

In these strange times, we are learning to use digital tools more frequently than ever before. Digitalization is allowed into every organization. With huge swaths of the population now working from home, consumer software has been retrofitted with business features. Security is being improved – and we will see a lot more 2FA (two factor authentication) solutions in apps that we are familiar with. Another aspect to this is lawmaking, we will see many new regulations for the Internet and software companies.

In Friend, we see a fast growing market opportunity – and we identify an opportunity for people to seek new tools. This is why we are working to bring our Friend OS to more people, and to make it more feature rich with integrations they need to get things done. Friend is not dependent on any public cloud technology, it is a platform that is independent from Big Tech solutions. Because of this, it will be easy for users to mix and match it with their existing software. Additionally, it will allow them to migrate away from public cloud solutions if they want.

At the end of the day – Friend is all about Freedom and Choice.

Friend OS Hydrogen Updates

We are hard at work with our latest upgrade of Friend OS Hydrogen – H2. In this update, we have toiled to improve Friend Core’s sustained performance. Friend Core is a highly multithreaded networking engine, and as such, it is highly complex. System calls inside the Friend Core are counted in the hundreds per second – so bottlenecks are identified and removed.

A big portion of Friend Core is dependent on module calls – mostly using PHP. PHP makes writing features faster and are less exposed to crashing. But some of the code written in PHP makes Friend Core slower than it ought to be. This is why we have rewritten some of our PHP code in C, this should greatly improve performance – and should see the use of PHP modules decrease to where they are absolutely necessary.

We have also been working on making Friend easier to deploy. Therefore, we are now working on producing several Docker images that can be deployed or used as a development environment for developers. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing some videos showing how to use Friend’s Docker images and why it makes sense – so keep an eye on these weekly updates for more information on that.

Please check the Friend OS Hydrogen release page here.
Community Update
We have more requests for demo accounts than ever before. We are approaching 1000 registered users – which will speed up once we get our automatic registration completed. Right now, demo accounts are manually activated and distributed. With more users registered, we will start seeing more community activity and collaboration.
We have started planning some events which will be announced in due time – events targeted at our community as a whole. We understand that users as well as developers need more access to educational material as well as tutorial videos. As soon as this material is made available, we will present it through the weekly updates and through our social media channels.

Sadly with the ongoing Covid situation, we are unable to attend any in-person events at the moment, but we will be hosting a Webinar in the next couple of weeks.  This is designed to give you a full introduction to Friend OS Hydrogen, and see some of its best and most powerful features.  If you’ve ever wondered what YOU could use Friend OS for, please take the time to join us for the Webinar.  More information coming soon.
Until then, have a great weekend!
Stay in touch with us on Twitter, Discord and Facebook.
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