COBOL and Legacy Language Convertors

COBOL and Legacy Language Convertors

Cobol and Computer language conversion and migrations

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COBOL – Micro Focus Net Express, Server Express, RM Cobol, ACU Cobol
Many companies are completely reliant on their COBOL applications for daily operations. These COBOL applications have been fine tuned for the needs of the business, however many of them reside on legacy hardware platforms which are expensive to support and which lack competitive features found in more current environments. Although COBOL is available on many hardware platforms, a complicating factor with legacy systems is that the COBOL is integrated with legacy subsystems such as CICS DB2, JCL, IMS and VSAM.
The MigrationWare Mantis conversion solution enables the automated conversion of Mantis applications into applications written in equivalent COBOL code with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy.
One of the key features of the solution is its ability to deal with many of the Mantis nuances that ordinarily find no direct equivalence outside of the Mantis framework. The revised applications in the COBOL environment not only provide the same functionality as the previous Mantis environment, but generally perform more efficiently, at a lower cost, with a higher degree of accuracy.
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The MigrationWare VisualAgeGenerator (VAGen) and Cross Platform System (CSP) conversion solution enables organisations to convert applications from these two legacy languages into COBOL/CICS.
The solution is one of MigrationWare’s flagship products and has been used by more than 20 clients around the globe to convert thousands VAGen programs and programs written in its precursor language, CSP, into COBOL and CICS.
The VAGen and CSP conversion tools achieve exceptionally high rates of accuracy through an automated process, which removes the possibility of human error in the process.
DownloadCSP/VAGEN datasheet
Many organisations have made a significant investment in Software AG’s Natural/ADABAS technology, the question of what the future might hold is of great relevance.
For those organisations with key investments in Natural/ADABAS technology and for whom Microsoft technology is regarded as strategic, MigrationWare has a solution that will result in the replacement of Natural/ADABAS with Microsoft C# and SQL Server.
This MigrationWare solution provides an automated approach to the conversion of Natural and ADABAS, providing functionally equivalent applications on the chosen .NET target environment.
The generated code is designed to be maintainable and all inline comments are preserved, thus ensuring that any documentation that may exist in the original source code is retained.
All code is converted automatically with well above 90% accuracy thereby minimising the need for any manual intervention.
Download Natural/ADABAS datasheet
The MigrationWare Easytrieve conversion solution facilitates the translation of application code from Easytrieve to COBOL, eliminating the heavy licensing and support costs, thereby moving the organisation into an open environment where it can have full control over its future development and technical direction.
The converted code is designed to execute in any COBOL supported environment including the mainframe and all open platforms. The migration solution therefore produces code that is flexible and maintainable, positioning the organisation to align their systems with strategic business objectives.
Download Easytieve Solution Datasheet

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