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THE Challenge

Validé needed a classroom and conference solution in digital format.

FriendUP gave us the Solution.

Validé now uses Friend’s classroom and conference solution to run the ITSA Start accelerator program in digital format.
We are very pleased with the solution. Friend conference is simple, secure and easy to use. We have 11 companies with us and run a total of 33 lectures and workshops through Friend during a 12 week period.

The solution has the tools we need to create a complete program for our participants with chat, hands-on, easy screen sharing and presentations, good overview of participants and guests, easy audio and camera control, and the ability to chat privately.

It is easy to create digital classrooms and easy for participants and guests to connect through the submitted link.

Gry Isabel Sannes, Director, Incubator & Accelerator programs

The challenge

Doorman AS is a Norwegian security company with many employees and many projects and localities where each week is different from the last. We have previously used various solutions for guard list management, reporting, communication and calculation of payroll and invoice. This was inconvenient and time consuming.

Friend Collaborative Workspace gave us the Solution with an App for iOS and Android.

Friend helped us access all of our applications and localities into one common workspace, where we can both keep track of assignments, guard lists and reporting. The system enables us to easily share and update documents so that we can dynamically create salaries and invoicing.

Friend Chat, similar to Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, is also integrated with the system and gives the employee automatic messages if there are changes in the schedule / holidays etc. in addition to serving as our primary communication system.

All of the above was implemented without having to install any application onto any of the employee or client devices!

Thor Eirik Pedersen, Security manager

The Challenge

Scala4 needed to consolidate a Sales, Marketing and Support team who were delivering Modernisation Solutions to organisations across several countries (UK, Nordic, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc).

The first problem was that our employees had multiple types of PC, laptop, tablet and phones, using Microsoft Office, Office365, Onedrive, Google drive, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc. and 2 different mail servers.

The second problem was running legacy modernisation projects and trying to bring multiple tools and applications together e.g. Assessment/artefact collection, POC, Sandbox, on premise and/or cloud application roll out!
Due to the expansion of the team and the issues integrating the various applications/systems Scala4 needed to find a flexible integrated solution for their whole team and projects!

FriendUP gave us the Solution.

We standardized by adopting a single Friend Workspace and a common set of tools, available to all employees and client project participants. This enabled us to remove all applications from client devices and implement a 100% cloud based office!

Friend Office was used for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, implementing transparent sharing and multi user editing, automatic archiving and version control.

Friend Chat/Conference was used for all secure confidential person to person (peer to peer) conference calls and multi user internal and public presentations and conferences.

Friend Server enabled us to coordinate and control our LInux and Windows based tools and applications!

John Oxford, CEO

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