Friend Media Pack

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Our team at Friend love sharing our story and talking about the future of Cloud Computing, the Internet and how we can solve unique challenges using our innovative cloud Operating System – on any web connected device.
Friend OS is the key platform to let cloud native applications reach their full potential and ensure an optimal return on investment.
Friend provides you with a Workspace and full office suite and connectivity to MS-office, GSuite and other comparable cloud services. It gives you complete freedom to choose where your data is processed and where it is stored. Easily drag and drop between all applications – it’s never been simpler to multitask online.
Our Document, Presentation and Spreadsheet apps run on any device while letting you choose where you want to store your documents.
Friend comes with a flexible suite of file systems that lets you store data both on-premise and using your preferred storage provider. Easy user and storage administration make your everyday life easier while keeping your documents safely under your control.


If you would like to cover Friend in your publication, blog, website, Youtube channel, podcast or with your friends or colleagues, we would love to talk to you.
Please feel free to use the assets in our Media Pack, or contact our Media Manager, Dan Wood.

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