Scandinavian Airline Systems


[Johannesburg, 21 May 2007] –

MigrationWare a Scala4 partner concluded an agreement with Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) to migrate a major SASapplication from its IBM mainframe to the Microsoft Windows platform.

The migration centres on the move of the SAS information warehouse application from the IBM mainframe to a Windows platform.

For SAS, it was critical to benefit from the server’s added functionality, the platform’s reduced costs and dramatic improvements in performance which allowed it to speed up the time it takes for the application to run.

The move of this strategic application enabled SAS to leverage its substantial investment in its information warehouse and at the same time reduce the ongoing costs of the application.

Using a combination of Micro Focus and Microsoft technologies, MigrationWare is migrating SAS’s information warehouse, a mainframe-based COBOL, DB2 application, to Micro Focus COBOL and Microsoft SQL server running on a Windows server platform.

Please contact us at Scala4 if you have any questions about the automated processes and testing that were used to make this a successful migration?

We at Scala4 are available to give you a no cost, no obligation “Health Check” and risk analysis of your planned modernization and/or migration project!”

Download white paper – SAS Migrates off the mainframe