Sky computing

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solution

“Sky Computing is an emerging computing model where resources from multiple cloud providers are leveraged to create large scale distributed infrastructures.”

Friend is the optimal hyperconverged infrastructure solution for your business. Our unique approach allows you to mix and match both on premise and cloud solutions – Real Sky Computing.

Our solution lets you scale-out your applications on any hardware. You can use off-the-shelf cloud solutions or completely design your own architecture.

  • Full overview and access to all your applications
  • All apps and services in the same environment
  • Fast and easy deploy of new functionality


Friend  changes the way clouds, computers, storage, and smart devices communicate, interact, and interface together. Our solution can simultaneously be deployed on any or all public cloud providers worldwide, and securely access the applications and data repositories that reside on them. Customers can also implement Friend in their own private clouds or host Friend internally behind their corporate firewall.

As a more holistic approach to software compared to VDI solutions, HCI approaches take into consideration the backend solutions and inter-application operability as well. Friend’s unique Operating System approach gives you a powerful middleware layer that can function as anything from a Messaging Platform, a Workflow Engine or an Enterprise Bus.

The networking features in the Friend Platform consist of both client-side networking as well as server to server-side protocols that are optimised for speed and to keep your data save.

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