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Friend announces tech industry’s first-ever Sky Computing platform

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This forever changes the way clouds, computers, storage, and smart devices communicate, interact, and interface together.
Friend’s Sky Computing Platform can simultaneously be deployed on any or all public cloud providers worldwide and securely access the applications, and data repositories that reside on them. Customers can also implement Friend in their own private clouds or host Friend internally behind their corporate firewall.
Friend unifies ALL of these distributed deployments into a logical centralized workspace, in a fully decentralized manner, completely and transparently, while seamlessly exposing and providing access to ANY cloud, ANY application (Windows, Linux, Mac, Legacy, and Cloud), ANY storage, and ANY smart device, all while ensuring complete security, privacy, and protection.
Friend’s Sky Computing Platform intelligently communicates in real-time with other instances of itself, even though these instances may physically reside on different cloud vendors, host providers, or internally at corporate client locations, anywhere in the world.
“Sky Computing is the Next Disruption in the Tech Industry,” says Arne Peder Blix, CEO and Co-Founder of Friend. “The power, features, and capabilities transcend today’s cloud paradigms and ushers in a new era of computing.”
Friend is completely platform agnostic and runs on ANY device with a modern browser, including computers, smartphones, tablets, popular gaming systems, smart TV’s, and more.
Friend’s Sky Computing Platform leverages Internet and blockchain technologies to offer secure and private Sky-Based computers anytime, anywhere, no matter what the underlying hardware, software, and environment that are being used.
Friend provides a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for business. This approach, compared to today’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, takes a dramatically different and holistic approach, that factors in backend systems and inter-application operability as well.
With a unique Operating System (OS) approach, Friend provides a powerful middleware layer that can function as anything from a Messaging Platform, a Workflow Engine, and or an Enterprise Bus.
The flexibility and options are endless with Friend’s Sky Computing Platform. Companies can adapt and implement Friend in an array of different configurations to meet their unique business needs and requirements.
A full office suite, powerful communications tools, and a user community environment are available within the Friend Workspace.
There are many Clouds in the Sky. Unify them with Friend.

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